Police Encounters: Am I Under Arrest?

By richie | June 11, 2020

During our lives, it is not unusual, on occasion to be subjected to a police encounter.  As nerve wracking as it may be for some of us, knowing your rights and asserting those rights may mean the difference of sleeping in your own bed or a cozy cot provided by the county jail. There are…

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By richie | April 22, 2020

Most Americans will receive a much-needed stimulus check based on their income, thanks to the passage of the CARES Act by Congress last week. Single adults who have an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less would get $1,200.00. Married couples with no children earning $150,000 or less would receive a total of $2,400. You…

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student loan and coronavirus pandemic

Federal Student Loan Payments will be Suspended Through Sept. 30 Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

By richie | March 28, 2020

Americans will get a six-month reprieve from federal student loan payments. The President signed the CARES Act addressing the coronavirus pandemic on Friday. Under the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill passed through Congress and signed by the President on Friday, lenders must stop all payments for federally held student loans through Sept. 30. During that…

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COVID-19 Pandemic and NJ Bankruptcy

By richie | March 24, 2020

Coronavirus & New Jersey Bankruptcy The Coronavirus spread pandemic is wreaking havoc on our economy, our nerves and changing our way of life as we know it, right before our eyes. The financial disaster that many of us now must face is very similar to the problems I have helped people overcome for nearly two…

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COVID-19 Concerns? Schedule a Video Consultation

By richie | March 18, 2020

How are you doing? On behalf of everyone at the Pikunis Law, we wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you — and we hope you are safe. There are still many unknowns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and that uncertainty can feel overwhelming. Now more than ever, it is important that local…

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How to Get the Creditors to Stop Calling When You Owe Them Money?

By sinukip | September 3, 2019

When you’re overburdened with excessive debt, it’s not unusual to get relentlessly bombarded with a never-ending barrage of phone calls from money hungry creditors.  There goal and paycheck usually are dependent on them trying to get whatever they can from you.  It is as if your phone has been hijacked, you are stressed out enough…

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By richie | May 2, 2019

Debt has become a way of life for many.  And even though Bankruptcy has become much more common and acceptable than it was just 10 years ago, it still intimidates many Americans who could most benefit from the process.  A telltale signal that bankruptcy may be right for you is when what you owe exceeds…

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Tips For Smart Holiday Spending

By richie | December 12, 2018

The holidays are once again upon up.  Time for celebrating with friends and family.  Time for parties and holiday gift-giving.  Everyone wants to give that perfect gift to their loved ones or be the perfect host or hostess for that holiday party, however, holidays are one of the stressful times of the year if you…

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chapter 13 bankruptcy & foreclosure


By richie | December 4, 2018

No one wants to imagine a scenario in which they are losing their home to a foreclosure.  It’s not a pleasant thought at all, the risk of losing your home and having your family displaced.  Foreclosures are financially devastating.  Not only do they ruin your credit, they also wipe out any value you have paid…

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By richie | November 11, 2018

New Jersians are always amazed when they learn that the United States Government sponsors a debt consolidation plan designed just for them and it’s much better than anything that’s available from any bank or credit union.  If you reside in South Jersey and feeling overwhelmed by your growing debt and you are currently in a…

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