No Shame in Bankruptcy

You’ve thought about it, over and over.  You’ve probably even picked up the phone and started to dial it, only finding yourself making excuses why you shouldn’t do it.  Embarrassment? Shame?  Just an overall gut-feeling that something seems wrong.  We are, of course, talking about that phone call to the lawyer’s office to discuss your personal finances and whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you.  Pikunis Law offers every new client a free personal financial analysis, It’s what we do.  We don’t judge you and we certainly don’t bite. No shame in bankruptcy.

Don’t be afraid to call us

Once you know that bankruptcy is the answer, you should file it immediately (most of the time).  The fear of “bankruptcy” or nervousness talking with the lawyer only costs you more in the long-run.  My advice is just make the call.  You have nothing to lose except your credit card bills and other debt.

We do not judge you

Everyone has gotten to where they are now by their own set of differing circumstances.  Whether it’s a loss of job, medical condition or just got a little over your head with the credit cards, I want to be your lawyer.  I want to help you, not judge you.

Call us and make an appointment because there is No Shame in Bankruptcy!

Bankruptcy isn’t a  good fit for everyone, but you won’t know until you consult with a lawyer.  Remember there is no shame in bankruptcy.  Call Pikunis Law for a FREE bankruptcy consultation (856) 282-5505

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